A blog post, one week in.

What a whirlwind week it has been.  Each day I’ve wondered what I could possibly communicate to you about what it is like to move to Malaysia, to become a missionary family, to journey to our city of KK.  The first night here was dark… after a few hours of deep sleep I woke to a sense of gathering doom.  I dozed on and off, wondering, “what have we done?”  I thought of all that we had left – family nearby, a wonderful congregation, a town and home full of luxuries. I thought of all that would be new and difficult here.  It was a long night, though oddly enough the jet lag helped, as all 4 of us woke from 2-4 AM to snack and tell fanciful bedtime stories and look out at the city skyline.  The sense of not being alone was what got me through that first night.

Today was the polar opposite from the grief and concern of that first night.  Today Eric and I discovered the fruit market.  It’s a warehouse full of booths with all kinds of fruits, vegetables, spices, and things we didn’t recognize at all. Fresh mangoes, ginger roots, and fingerling bananas bursting with flavor.  Because these weren’t in the Western-style markets, they were quite inexpensive.  We could buy all that we could carry up the 130 steps back to the seminary (not 90 steps we had expected, but a pleasant walk).  We had the pineapple for dessert tonight; it was like eating pineapple-flavored fireworks.  Delicious, almost explosive taste.  And to be able to find foods to cook and eat is a proud moment.  It’s like we’ve finally arrived here.

As days go by, we hope to fill in this blog with reflections on these first weeks as well as general info on where we live, why and how we serve, and who we are as the “Trozzos 4.”  If there are any questions you’d especially like answered, please post them below.  We’ll be glad for conversation-starters!


3 responses to “A blog post, one week in.

  1. TeriLynn Stackhouse

    Hello there! Teri (Forbes) Stackhouse and our family sending you blessings and peace from Cincinnati. We will adopt you as prayer partners as a family. Please let us know of any concerns for which to pray. We wish you the best and the power of the Spirit as you meet and lead for Jesus!

    • Thank you so much! We are so grateful for prayers. The Lutheran Church here (called the BCCM) is doing amazing things and we are excited to forge a link between Lutheran communities. And we are excited to live in this amazing place. I think prayers right now can go for our friends and family as they adjust to us being gone. We are too busy yet to realize the absence of those close to us – I’m sure it will sink in as weeks turn to months. For now, we are filling our brains and hearts with the adventures here.

      • TeriLynn Stackhouse

        We will pray for family and friends — Amen! Isn’t it interesting how when a loss is stuck together with a joy, like a firework it explodes into something new and beautiful! May your adventures be fruitful. We will read your posts with joy and interest. Be well.

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