After the political season: a foundational question

Let me start with a question:  what does your country do to support marriages?

I don’t know about you, but when I hear “support marriages” I immediately think of gay marriage.  And I forget about the essential nature of supporting MARRIAGE.  Maybe your marriage.  Maybe your friends’ marriage.  Two people that have a 50% chance of breaking up.  Two people that need help balancing finances and schedules and dreams and how they use their words.  Two people who make a promise and have decades to learn to keep it.  You know, “marriage.”  Supporting marriage.

At a Church last week the sermon was focused on the idea that “a threat to marriage is a threat to the whole nation.”  That isn’t only political rhetoric – it’s something so foundational that we often overlook it.  The family unit, whether with kids or without, is a place where we learn loyalty, hope, caring for others’ needs, claiming our own identity, and creating one piece of the environment in which we live.  Everything on that list can be expanded out to how we function as citizens of a nation.  Loyalty.  Standing for long-held beliefs.  Planning a sustainable life.  The family unit is one microcosm of the nation.  It is of significant importance.

So, I’d like you to pause right now and take just 1 minute to jot down a list of the top 5 ways that your nation/community/congregation/peers SUPPORT MARRIAGE.  Please don’t get sidetracked into attacks on one particular type of marriage.  And if you are not married, please do not feel excluded – you have seen plenty of marriages that succeeded or failed in your lifetime.  I think this is an important conversation, and one that is easily overlooked.  Here’s your 1 minute –  GO!

the top 5 ways that my nation/community/congregation/peers SUPPORTS MARRIAGE:






Many books of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) speak of the “House of Israel” and focus on how lives are to be led at home – the community is a wider version of the family unit where we learn loyalty, compassion, awareness, and creativity.  Scripture references:  Deuteronomy 6:1-9, especially 7 and 9; Joshua 24:15-18

How can nations care for the family unit, from the outside in?  How can we empower couples, parents, and caregivers to teach one another and children well?  I would love to hear some of the ideas from your list about how we already support marriage and how we can move towards reducing rates of things like divorce, abuse, and other marital illnesses.

The basic question here is :  How can we bless couples beyond their wedding day?  Please post your comments below so that we can have a good conversation!

One response to “After the political season: a foundational question

  1. 1 way – tax breaks for couples. I wonder if Malaysia does this as well… I will have to learn how Malaysia supports marriage. Its divorce rate is similar to that of America, and people of faith are equally as likely to divorce as non-believers. Intriguing stuff.

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