How to give an Asian scalp massage

This is a picture “In Context” – you might wonder why giving a shampoo would be serving one another in love. So I will tell you how to do this most amazing thing, and you can surprise a friend or loved one, because it is paradise. If you go to an Asian salon and ask for a shampoo, you get what is in the picture on the sticker, and some basic steps are listed here for you. (One of our boys brought this sticker home from Sunday School – a reminder that for them to understand what is being shared, they have a lot to learn!)

1. Cover the massage recipient’s shoulders with a towel, maybe even a plastic bag under the towel.

2. Squirt a quarter size dollop of yummy-smelling shampoo on their cowlick (everyone has one, or two!) Start rubbing it in the dry hair, in a circular motion. Add a little bit of water from time to time, but not too much. You can squirt water, spoon water, whatever, just not too much. You want thick lovely bubbles.

3. Get all their hair sudsy. Use your fingernails to stroke the hair back into a vague pony tail (or just make lines back if their hair is short).

4. Know how Mr. Spock held his fingers? Do that with fingers pointing toward the floor, with their ears between your center fingers. You can also gently squeeze the skull above the ears. That is probably the best part! You can also trace along the tense muscles from front of ear down the jawbone.


5. Put index and middle finger about 1-2 inches apart and press in a pattern from the forehead and up over the skull.

6. Rub the back of the neck, especially where the base of the skull meets the neck. In Asia it’s common to press very hard.

7. When finished, let them wash out in a sink or have them shower. 

8. What a generous thing to do for someone you care for!


2 responses to “How to give an Asian scalp massage

  1. Maybe you can give a friend a gift of a scalp massage for Christmas!

  2. I had the same treatment when I got a facial a couple of weeks ago!

     ~  ~

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