Let’s play 20 Questions … a new way!

I just read an article by Martha Beck about the 20 questions that you should be asking yourself, your whole life long. Kids ask about a million questions a day, it seems, and they use questions to learn about their world. They are curious about the world, themselves, and how things relate to each other. As [so-called] adults, maybe we can learn from them to keep learning about ourselves, this world we live in, and how we keep on relating to everyone and everything around us.

Full disclosure: these questions are from the article in the February 2011 issue of Oprah magazine. Later in the magazine, Dr. Phil says, “A question is really a statement in disguise.” Questions do lead us to what we believe, and can lead us to changing our beliefs (again, about our world, ourselves, and how we all relate).

I got this magazine from our state library, and in 2 years it’s been checked out 23 times. (That’s pretty good for a magazine!) Hopefully you’ll check back here 23 times to see the questions, comments, and if anybody has answers to share. Because this is one way to learn!

Take a poll …. about questions!    


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