Day 8 of 20 *Questions* What is my body telling me?

My body is telling me that it’s hungry for “trick food.”  Honestly, that’s what my body says all day every day.  My body used to tell me that it was tired *and* wanted trick food.  Thankfully, with doctors help I found solutions to the sleep issue, and I am daily grateful for that – so maybe I should say, the first thing my body is telling me is to be THANKFUL!  Always a good place to start.  Then my body says, “we’re going to work hard today.  Maybe start with some energy from sweet tea and cookies?” 

This is where I am in my journey now.  I have been working on exercising for awhile, and that is a gift – I love feeling the wind in my hair when I’m running (which sounds romantic, but could technically be called “jogging” …)  But I tend to believe that the fuel we give our body is what will define our days.  Filling my tank with sludge (mmmmm, partially-hydroxinated oils!) will not help me run as well as a slice of honeydew and a hard-boiled egg.

I’m listening to an audio book right now called “the mouth trap: the butt stops here.”  The author talks about what we tell ourselves is “fun food” – and she explains that in her journey, she went from her “fun foods” being the traditional sweets and salty-crunch foods to her “fun foods” now being raw red peppers and roasted Brussels sprouts.  I think she’s on to something – if we take time to taste our food, most any of it can be fun – our palate and the variety of foods available to us is practically miraculous!  And yet we tell ourselves that only a few foods are really treats.  That doesn’t make much sense biologically, yet, we are “consumers” – meaning, we consume food, and we “consume” a “diet” of images from tv and magazines and even memories that instruct us in what is “fun” food.  I am trying to make the transition to seeing more foods as fun, and it brings the double benefit of it helping me be more svelte, but I’m also realizing, I’m giving the programming for what my kids will think of as “fun food” decades down the line – maybe even what they will be feeding my someday grandchildren!  Yikes!  Oreos are for special occasions, kids – have some honeydew!  Have a whole orange!  Have some fruity oatmeal and homemade tortillas!

And so – each of us has messages from her/his body.  Maybe it’s the need for sleep, or real food, or a massage; maybe it’s a trip to the doctor, or a walk at sunset, or to simply let our tastebuds celebrate life.  The question for today reminds us of the miracle that we are given: our body and our life.


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