Day 20 of 20 *Questions*: Really truly: Is this what I want to be doing?

Wow, day 20.  My last day with this series, and I have alternated between internal whining (ugh, another day already?  Waaaah) and really REALLY enjoying the process of writing – and of writing *on a schedule*.   And to have gotten to communicate with people who are all engaging their powers of thinking-feeling-doing…  this has been a great adventure, and I am so glad to have taken it on.  Really truly, it turns out, this is what I’ve been both wanting and needing to do.

In the time of writing this, I have also begun an essay on mountains in Scripture – a research project, a creative writing venture, and probably my first time being published.  This writing gave me a foundation for writing that essay – the schedule, the time thinking before writing, the considering of the audience.  And essay-writing is preparation for what I’ve been wanting to do for almost two years – work on writing a book I outlined almost exactly two years ago.  It will involve a lot of research (in the field of NLP psychology – neuro-linguistic programming) as well as a great deal of creativity (which is both creative energy, and actual creative output, yes, on a schedule).  In these 20+ days, I’ve moved closer to becoming a writer – a whole new identity and set of practices for me.  Yes, this is what I want to be doing.

So, for you, scroll back through these 20 questions and see which ring truest in your life – which ones did you need to ask yourself the most?  Which ones will you keep asking yourself?  Which ones helped you articulate some of the things you assume about life?  Which ones could you write an essay on?

Because this has been an effort in integration and in communication, I would love it if you could post below which question gave you greatest pause, or which question you still think should be added to the list?  I’ll post the list below, or you can scroll back through the fb posts here.

May you be blessed by the questions, and may answers not come too easily.

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