The little things…. power outlets

Saving power - built in

Saving power –
built in

The little things that are different…

This is a picture of the light switch in our bedroom.  The two switches on the right are light and ceiling fan.

The switch on the left (see its indicator light is on, and it has a little orange “on” indicator on the switch) is the power to the air conditioner (our apartment has one unit, in the bedroom, which is actually enough for the whole apartment, thankfully!)  To the left is the ceiling fan speed control, and on top of that is the remote for the air-con (on/off, temp, speed, schedule on/off).  

Each outlet in the house has an on/off button, so we can more easily control how much electricity we use, preventing loss of “ghost power” (that minimal power used by appliances always on stand-by).  What intrigues me is that this is built in to all outlets here.  Walls are concrete, so things like this have to be built in from the very beginning.  It is a small thing, but for every building to have this basic green feature would, I imagine, make a big difference to the city power generators.

It also makes it safer if you have to fiddle with an outlet.  No going to the basement and fiddling with a circuit box.

It’s the little things, sometimes.

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