Devotions: your two jobs when you spot trouble!

Our family devotions tonight were from the Veggie Tales, but they spoke to me loud & clear. It started like this: “Face facts: not everybody you know is well behaved. Your first job is to recognize bad behavior when you see it… and your second job [Any guesses?] is to [what do you think it is?] …

not join in.”

My first thought was of conversations on facebook, especially politically charged ones. My second thought was of reading news stories on the internet and how awful most of the comments are. Even great posts often get turned into tirades in the comments sections. A member of my internship support committee wisely told me, “Underneath it all, we’re all only 8 year olds.” The internet daily proves the point.

But beyond that, the devotion went on: “Christians are the citizens of Heaven, and while we are on earth, we ought to behave like Heaven’s citizens” (-Warren Wiersbe). Not joining in bad behavior, whether in a marital spat, a water cooler gripe session, or even rubbernecking in traffic, is not easy, but it is important – to your neighbor, to God, and to your own peace of mind.

As the Veggie Tales point out, “As you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, walk in him.” (Colossians 2:6) Amen to that!

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