Election Coverage

Now THAT is  campaigning!

Now THAT is

If you can’t read the article, I’ll summarize:  the Malaysian government this year extended the election season – from 13 to 15 days.

Elections happen here every 5 years, and there is no predicting when they will take place; suddenly there is a flurry of government activity, a date for elections is announced (we’ve been waiting since November!), and only then do party flags go up and drama begins.

Unfortunately for some, the date of elections fell on the date of the Borneo Marathon.  The date for it was set over a year ago, and I’ve been registered for the 10k for months.  They could not change the date of the run, as 2,000 participants are flying in; but roads needed to be reopened and police at their posts by morning, so the race will officially start at 12:30 – half past midnight.  I think it fitting that my first 10k should be run in the middle of the night … it matches how surreal it is to be running it in Malaysia.  (To that point: today I had to leap over a Green Whip snake that crossed the trail right as I passed – to me that’s a surreal kind of moment.)

As I speak of running, it was after my epic “was that a viper?” running moment that I returned home to hear the news of explosions at the Boston Marathon.  My heart goes out to those whose hearts, bodies, minds, or souls suffer as a result of senseless violence.  It seems that a venomous snake is a much less frightening thing than a human bent on destruction.

And it reminds me how precious a thing it is to have elections, and voice, in this world we share.  America and Malaysia have two very different ways of going about election campaigns, yet at their core is a respect for each person and a sense that people really do matter.  We pray for safety for all around the world, and as we pray we listen for God’s comfort, and for God’s word to lead us as days ahead dawn differently than this day did.



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