Hacked accounts, happy ants, and William Shatner: Read about my day so far.

Top 10 reasons why my day can only get better:

10. The boys and I just couldn’t sleep last night.  Even the coming of the tooth fairy couldn’t get Dante to stay in bed.  The boys lost 2 hours of sleep, and they really felt it this morning!

9. Dante demanded bread with peanut butter and honey.  He was warned not to let it drip.  It dripped on his shorts – 5 times!  We took off his shorts and told him to be careful.  He dripped on his shirt AND his socks.  This is not easy to do.  Then he shouted at me when I brought a clean uniform.  This honey-boy needs 2 hours more of sleep.

8. As I’m soaking the uniform, a phone call comes in: my e-mail account was hacked.  It sent a desperate plea, saying I was mugged in the Philippines and could you send me money.  As the day went on I found out that it also sent messages to my 500 facebook friends, plus sent a text to everyone in my phone book.  A lot of people don’t know me that well to know not to worry.  Like my dentist, and the mom from school who has since moved to Dubai.  It’s embarrassing, and a big pain.  Plus, I was just about to run out the door for 2 hours of errands.  Errands cancelled, but I still have to drive to/from school.

7 ½ :  one of the errands cancelled was to get oral medicine for a spot of ringworm that just won’t go away.  I think having even a little ringworm should rank on this list, especially because I have to deal with it for another day!

7.  While at school, PTA drama unfolds.  Nothing earth-shaking, but it costs me 20 minutes when I just want to be home changing my password.

6. I get home and start virus scans; within a few minutes our building’s internet goes down.  Helpfully, one virus scan can keep running.

5. Since internet is down, and I can’t change passwords,  I decide to vacuum instead, since Cade’s birthday  is Friday, wehave friends coming over, and I need to clean anyways.  I go to plug in the vacuum, and accidentally turn off the power supply to my computer.  The whole scan process will have to start over from the beginning, IF internet works.

4. Internet comes back up, thanks to the “rajin” (hard-working) IT guys – they really are good.  I go to send an e-mail to everyone to apologize for the spam, from my hacked account.  But Wait -!- the hacker deleted my entire address book!  I can’t send that e-mail.  The embarrassment will have to continue!

3. I pause to start washing Dante’s honeyed uniform – and the entire shower is crawling with very happy ants. 

2. Did I mention that I used my last caffeinated tea yesterday?  There is no caffeine in the house.  Of course!

1.  My phone dings – I drop everything to see “what now!?!” – and it’s a message from Google: “Wendolyn, your google e-mail has found someone that you may know!”  And there is a picture of … wait for it … William Shatner.  Yes, Google has tried to brighten my day by suggesting that I drop everything and re-connect with Captain Kirk. 

Friends, I am still smiling; because we live in a world that has the absurd (William Shatner?), the tender-hearted (the text message – “are you ok?”), the hard-working (another thanks to our IT guys!), and, pardon the term, the badass (because I know that if I were mugged in the Philippines, my employer/missionary agency would have my back, long before I would have to send an email to my friends/family…  We did some cool 007 safety training and learned just how prepared even the Church is to protect its servants.  That is good news for everyday of living abroad.).  

In the end, even in a morning lost to hunting down e-mail account management help, and a day of continuing embarrassment, I have to look around and say, “God is good – all the time!”

Because it’s true – “All the time, God is good!”


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