Going out to Eat

One of the things we miss most here is going somewhere & being handed a menu that has several viable & understandable options. (For instance, how spicy is it *really*?) Yet how wonderful it is to discover the special places that we never would have found otherwise. Today we re-visited one of our favourite places – we asked the boys, “do you want to go out for lunch?” …naaah…. “Do you want to go to the Curry House?” And they have their shoes on & are out the door almost before we know it…(when they both remember to go to the bathroom, because the food can be spicy and they want to con us into ordering soda as well as the drinking water we bring along… are the kids well-trained, or the parents?)

To get to the Curry House we walk the 150 steps down through the jungle hillside, and suddenly we are in downtown KK.

In this picture you can see part of the neighbourhood where the curry house is, as well as the area where the hillside stairs go up to the Seminary (just over that wall of jungle)! It’s only a 10 minute walk and it’s fun to have jungle, city, and neighbourhood all in one short walk.

When we get to the Curry house there are 2 options for food: the “set” that comes with veggies and you choose your meat (they have the most amazing slices of lightly fried fish…), in which case your “plate” is a swath of banana leaf. Dante and I are seen here, with our empty banana leaves soon to be filled by the lovely young ladies who work there and shyly smiled for the camera.

Cade chose to get Roti (thinly fried bread) instead of a set, which he quickly devoured. It comes with two sauces – mild (today it really was mild – but some days the cook gets a little less mild and more wild with the chilies) and spicier. You can also notice the A&W root beer he picked out. My plate has one of our favourite Malaysian drinks – lemon tea. Hot tea, toss in lemon slices, maybe sugar, then ice. Thankfully, we can have the ice here – KK’s water supply is good and since tourism is a main source of income here, everyone takes good care of tourists, including having filtered water for ice cubes.

We recently discovered a new fun fact about our curry house: except for the meat, everything is all-you-can-eat. You can see the set in front of Eric: rice with mild curry sauce, and from left to right: metal cup of soup, kind of spicy pumpkin, richly flavoured green beans (coconut milk probably), slightly bitter greens, and pickled bean sprouts. You never know which veggies they will have or what flavour combination you’ll get, but they’re always friendly and the place is usually at least a little crowded. We usually spend about 40 ringgit there – about $14 US. The boys invariably ask about Hinduism, as they have a small display of icons with LED lights around them. Each time, I think “I need to read up on Hinduism” but forget when I leave… maybe writing this will help me to follow through!

Then from the walk home: this is a view from in front of the 7-11 (yes, there are a lot of them here; we rate them by whether they have Slurpee machines, and we recently found one with *two* flavours!!!!) From here you can see the taxi stand (these cars are all taxis)and the way the trees hide what is one of the bigger roads in downtown. We also went by a park that is under construction – it’s neat that every construction site here has a sign with the contact info for the various project heads as well as an estimated date for start/completion. They seem to be rebuilding a small stadium there – concrete steps/seats with a rooftop cover and loudspeakers.

So there’s a little insight into life in Kota Kinabalu, and a Trozzo Sunday afternoon. Hope your Sunday afternoon is beautiful, wherever you are!

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  1. I can’t wait to get there………………….

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