Things are not as good as I had hoped.

There’s no subtle way of sharing a blog post like this, except to say how shocked I am that this is even possible.

I was re-using newspaper to wrap gifts today when I came across this painful, scary headline:

My initial thought was that this had to be in a different country … India, maybe, or Cambodia. Maybe as near as the Philippines. But no,

I am aghast that this is possible, in the very city I live in. Malaysia is generally a place that seems supportive of women. Within the BCCM Church here, over half of the pastors are women. Within Malayisa, women hold elected office and even have a woman at the helm of the military. The radio the other day was explaining a program that has trained over 300 women so far to be high-ranking members of corporations and to sit on Boards of many kinds of large organizations. I have not heard parents hoping for sons over daughters. Malaysia, as a rapidly developing nation, seems to accept the idea of gender equality.

But then there are headlines like this. I don’t use the word “stories” because to some, stories imply the possibility of fiction, of metaphor, of hyperbole (taking metaphors to extremes). Yet, as disappointed as I am to see such a headline, I think it is a sign of hope that this is front-page news, not hidden and not kept from being published. I will share the rest of the article here, so you can draw some of your own conclusions about what this means for a young girl, her protecting aunt, a wife and mother, and possibly a newly shaped family. What I notice in writing that sentence is that one act of a man changes the lives of several women forever. I wonder what healing looks like in situations like these.

From the Daily Express, May 21, 2013.


One response to “Things are not as good as I had hoped.

  1. Wow, just getting to this now Eric and Wendolyn. This (or a similar story) had circulated in FB – I had seen it not too long ago. I agree with you that it must be utterly unbelievable. I could say from my location that “wow, something like that would be unacceptable in my country” but I have learned that there are unacceptable and unbelievable things that go on everyday and everywhere…….and so we are called to bring the awareness……..
    thanks for your post. This is real folks. Real life for real people, and I am saddened.

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