More images from southeast Asia








The above is Eric’s receipt from buying me a lovely batik fabric painting (below)

Note #1 here… apparently pressure tactics are used enough to require tourists to sign this? Eric said that the sales pitch took over an hour (Eric was mainly practicing speaking Malay) and involved tea and a lesson on how batik painting is done (quite an intensive process). They told him to hand-wash it before hanging it to get any residual dust off of it, but I am terrified to do that! The colors are so rich and bold, I don’t want to harm them even an iota.

I noticed on our Uno box that it is fully Malaysian – in that it has 3 languages . English, Mandarin Chinese, and Malay. I’m not sure why there are two versions of Chinese – some of the characters are more intricate versus the simplified version (I assume that’s the difference). And the British spellings, like “Colour.”

Each day we discover more things that are different. It’s nice when we start absorbing things that suddenly seem normal, like Dante saying to me, “Pick that up, lah.” (“Lah” is used in both Malay and English to give an emphasis to a sentence.) I don’t think Dante noticed what he was saying. Second nature in a 3rd culture?

One response to “More images from southeast Asia

  1. the painting is amazing…………………..good job Eric

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