That arrow points to the USA…

That arrow points to the USA...

We are excited to be coming to visit friends, family, and supporting congregations in the USA. 8 days until we fly! But before we go we have Sports day at school, Ka’amatan festival (celebrating tribal heritage in Sabah), and we must find gong music for the dance lessons we will share! It’s hard to find recordings because every town has their own set of gongs which people learn to play before they can walk – so there’s no need to record, and no one needing to buy them, except us!

Today is Caedmon’s birthday so we are busy celebrating (a playdate with friends, blocks, marbles, & harmonicas… perfect!). Tomorrow Dante has an upgrading exam for karate (orange belt), Monday I deliver the books our school collected to a school for undocumented children. When will we find time to pack? Life is full & God is good!


3 responses to “That arrow points to the USA…

  1. Kathleen Kerin

    Hi Eric and Wendolyn, I am looking forward to your visits! You are scheduled to visit Messiah Lutheran, my home church congregation and Trinity Lutheran, the congregation I have been blessed to serve this past year as part of my Theological training at Drew Theological School. It will be good to see you again.

  2. Marilyn Young

    We are so excited you will be home soon.  We have you on the schedule for June 15 which is also Father’s Day.  Do you want us to contact the Akron International Center to see if they can connect us with gong players, or is it just one player?  Akron has a large community of people from countries near you maybe even from Malaysia.  Let me know and I will see what I can do.  Love, Marilyn

    • That could be really neat! I only know a few dances, but if they could come (and they might be happy to be able to share their cultural heritage) they could probably show us some real moves! That’s great that Akron has an International Center. I imagine they do great things for both the people coming to Akron and the people in Akron learning to greet new neighbors.

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