One week later…

Here we are… one week post-surgery.  I’m feeling much better, though I had underestimated how much an operation (“bedah” in Malay language) would … well …. take out of me.  Just when I thought I’d start getting better (day 3, right?) I accidentally slept for 48 hours consecutively.  Kudos to Eric for keeping the kids fed and occupied.

Here are some pictures of our cute guys … 

Dante playing on a long weekend

Caedmon playing spy-car-carrier

It’s hard to tell what a parent’s illness means for kids.  They’re a mysterious combination of resilient and demanding. In the thick of daily life, it’s maddening (“did you *seriously* just poke your brother? WHY?????”) but at the same time I know they’re lovely boys, growing up at the right pace.  

Other families out there may find this new chart useful … our “quick solutions” to problems like “he poked me. seriously”  or the perennial sibling favorite: he took the car I was thinking about playing with!

Misbehaving?  You already know your consequence!  our top 10 offenses clearly laid out.

Misbehaving? You already know your consequence! our top 10 offenses clearly laid out.

Tomorrow begins their 3rd year at Kinabalu International School – and we are all looking forward to reunions with old friends and new friendships growing.  Eric continues to teach – he has a double course load due to our time in the USA this summer, but he enjoys both the topics and the students’ engagement.  Rewarding work is always easier to pour yourself into.  Meanwhile, Eric is doing all the dishes while my arm is propped up on the computer desk (conveniently, the most comfortable position for me, by far).  Soon enough I’ll be back to caring for the household.  Tomorrow is our 14th wedding anniversary, so this new curveball is another way we live “for better, for worse,” for each other.

In other news, here are two pictures of gifts that are nourishing us.  

One of Eric's students brought me several litres of pH 9.5 health water and 2 gigantic chocolate bars.  Healing in many forms!

One of Eric’s students brought me several litres of pH 9.5 health water and 2 gigantic chocolate bars. Healing in many forms!

Fruit Basket ... race against the clock!

The Seminary community sent us a lovely fruit basket – including papaya and dragonfruit and a whole bunch of bananas!  

To the right was a gift of 2 massive chocolate bars.  The boys hoped for trucks inside of the wrapping but I was more than happy to find chocolate inside!

We continue to be humbled by the love & support people are showing.  We await my next appointment on 18th September for more information on diagnosis/treatment but for now, we are grateful for the little things each day… like fruit, chocolate, trucks and blocks, and the communities of which we are a part.






2 responses to “One week later…

  1. So good to hear from you. You sure have a positive attitude and great skills to help you recover. Thank goodness Eric is a great husband and father. You and your family are in our prayers and we wish you a fast recovery. I did send your Mom a card just to let her know we are thinking about her and your family I am sure your Mom told you Jill got married in July and her husband is an oncologist and a hematologist and they live in Corvallis OR where he has his practice. He has accepted a position in San Francisco and they will move there in Jan. At least that is an easier flight than to Corvallis and a more fun place to visit. I did like visiting her in Portland OR as so much to see and do there. Love, cousin Marilyn

    • Thanks, Marilyn. So exciting to hear about Jill! And nice to have places to visit on the west coast.

      The more I hear about oncologists, the more I’m aware of how many amazing people there are in the medical field. The system makes it hard for them & for patients, I think, but the people are making a difference not just for patients but for families & communities. God’s gifts abound.

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