Chemo: Round 1

Chemo round 1

What does one say when starting a process like this?  3 months – 4 cycles.   10 days down, 10 days up, and then another treatment.  This was the first chemo infusion I had, and was glad it was preceded by the oncologist saying, “oh wait, we almost forgot to pray!”  I had my prayer shawl, this one made by my mom (which I snuck into surgery with me in Hong Kong by wrapping it around my feet, under the blanket … so it’s my spy prayer shawl now!)  Eric read a funny book on parenting and the steroids they gave me kept me cheerful for the full first day after the treatment.

We’re on day 3 now, and the reality is starting to sink in – first some nausea, then aching knees, an hour of energy then fatigue.  I realize I’ll be watching a lot of DVD’s … Downton Abbey here I come.  But in all, I’m just grateful that this was caught when it was, and that there are known ways of treating this.  I just keep coming back to that, because it gives me hope and it reminds me to tell everyone:  breast self exams make a big difference, as do routine physicals.  Our bodies are amazing gifts, so appreciate yours and take care of it!

In other news, life does go on… here are our boys helping release a huge rhinoceros beetle at the Seminary!  DSCN2135


3 responses to “Chemo: Round 1

  1. You’re one of the bravest women I know, Wendolyn. I have tremendous faith that you will get through this well. And still know I pray…strength for today; bright hope for tomorrow.

  2. Rev. Wendy L. Abrahamson

    Wendolyn, prayers ascend for you and the boys.

  3. You motivated me to get my breast exam which I have put off. Because this is breast cancer month, they were so booked I have to wait until late Nov.
    I send my prayers for you and your family. Love, Marilyn

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