I’m attempting to re-post (share with you) this article by another Lutheran pastor friend of mine from seminary days.  This spoke so strongly to me…  I think, in these hard days (new diagnosis: cystic macular edema – have lost some of my eyesight which will probably come back in a matter of months … so all reading is blurred which is maddening) her reminders are really meaningful.  1, damn, life can throw awful things at you, and losing your shine is very legitimate; and 2, if you are sharing the journey with someone who is hurting, “bring with you hope.” Especially in these days of waiting for God to come into the world in a new way, we look for hope, even when our eyes are glazed over.  Click on the link below and read words of reality and grace.


One response to “Essence

  1. So good to hear from you. Another challenge for you and you will overcome it as you have other challenges. Just good to see you have not lost your essence. Love, cousin Marilyn

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