Newest newsletter out!

I can’t figure out how to post it here, and I’m awash in stuff, but if you’d like an emailed copy of the newsletter, send me a note at wendofishATyahooDOTcom.

As a snapshot, today I’m:
-going to my first radiation appointment (4 weeks, 5 times/week)
-emailing contractors about our new apartment (moving into the main faculty apartment building, and going from 2 bedrooms to 3! and we’ll have a real bathtub – Caedmon is thrilled!)
-homeschooling Caedmon (right now he’s practicing …. drums. First lesson yesterday. He’s great, and loud!)
– having fun with insurance claims
-5 minutes on the exercise bike (building up slowly) and only healthy snacks
-giving thanks to God for the many signs of love we continue to receive


One response to “Newest newsletter out!

  1. Hi Wendy, we are all praying the next few weeks go well for you. Keep us informed as to your progress. Love, Marilyn

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