Re-starting the Blog!


Greetings, friends. How very late we are in posting anything to this blog. As I write this, I am sitting at a table in Chennai, India, where we are temporarily staying while sorting Malaysian visa requirements. Eric is on a flight right now from Delhi to Melbourne, Australia, to meet with Lutheran churches and colleges to share about his work in Malaysia. The boys and I have been living out of suitcases since the beginning of July, having traveled through the US, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and now India. We are literally all over the map.

The chaos of this past year seems to be settling. I have one more scan to do but doctors are confident that I am cancer-free. Our son, Caedmon, is thriving with more attention being given to him, as we understand more of his needs related to his Sensory Processing Disorder, diagnosed in February. He has a school and school friends in Malaysia that are looking forward to his return in January. Eric has been promoted to Director of the Lutheran Study Centre, a position that is using his unique gifts very well as well as giving him reason to travel and meet Lutherans and theologians all over our hemisphere. We moved into a new apartment at the Seminary in Malaysia, which has more room and puts us closer to the other seminary faculty and their children.

Psychologists have stress tests that add up the points for major life events; the higher the score, the more stress is amplified. According to the information above, we are pretty much off the charts. Almost every aspect of our life underwent major transition this past year. The good news is that we made it through. That’s what we are focusing on these days.

A wise missionary once told us that “home” is wherever we have dinner together. From now until mid-December, “home” is Chennai, India, on the campus of Gurukul Lutheran College and Research Institute. We are grateful to be here (even as Eric travels). Our adventure continues as we learn to eat with our hands, to haggle with tuk-tuk drivers, to wash our hands and feet ten times a day. As Dante said, “Now I know to be thankful for our hot showers in Malaysia!” In all of it, we continue ahead, step by step, day by day, flung forth yet again, looking and learning all we can.


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