reflecting on India… now that we’re home in Malaysia

Eric and I found some downtime last night to watch a DVD we got at a tea plantation in India.  Watching it brought back so many of the feelings we had during our time there.

We had been told that with India, you simultaneously love it passionately AND want to tear your hair out in frustration.  True!  The food, the generosity of people, the ability to go anywhere on trains or buses, all great!  But getting a non-spicy pizza, even at Dominos? Can’t.  Ask someone to do something in their work that they don’t do everyday? Forget it, they won’t even consider trying.  Want a train ticket?  Get onto the waitlist and the afternoon that you leave for the 14 hour train ride you find out IF you have a seat.  We loved lemon rice and curd, we loved playing cricket and badminton every day with our neighbors, we loved the first train ride.  And, we burned a lot of calories being frustrated and lost.  It was almost always BOTH love and despair.

The video we got was supposed to be about a tea plantation, but it turned out to be an intro to all the tourist spots in the state of Kerala, with a voiceover that we could understand about 30% of the words (though many people spoke English, we could understand very few), and the last quarter of the video had no audio at all.  Seriously, the state-sponsored tourism video forgot the audio file???  So we watched it in silence, still enjoying it, and marveling at our experiences in India.  We’d love to go back, and we had to shake our heads.  That’s the India experience in a nutshell.


Hands-on exploring of temple built on coast of the Bay of Bengal over 1,300 years ago

2 responses to “reflecting on India… now that we’re home in Malaysia

  1. That picture, is that of the Konark Sun Temple?

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