Phosphorescent Zooplankton

Greetings, all.  I’ve decided yet again to get this poor old blog off of the back shelf and try to write more regularly.  It’s been quite the mental obstacle, as each blog topic I thought of, my brain would say, “Really? Is *this* more important than any other topic these past months?”  One of our family rules is:  Comparing does not make you happier.  I was comparing each individual idea with crazy wild adventures – and each comparison made my new idea seem weak and useless.  (Brilliant life lesson there! Yay for blogging!)

It was an adventure that got me writing.  An American pastor has come to teach here for three weeks, and so we have reason to go do the wonderful touristy things that we haven’t had time for in the past 2 years.  And so we found ourselves on a jungle river cruise, DSCF3154watching long-tailed macaque monkeys battling for a tree for the night.  Then after sunset we went on a firefly expedition.  But what no one advertised ended up being the coolest thing ever – phosphorescent river water.  When someone splashes the water, little zooplankton light up like fireworks.  It was so unexpected, and so amazing!  And, of course, impossible to photograph.  The takeaway is that getting out of routine to go explore can be life-affirming.


And, you can come visit us and we will take you to see the Klias light show, have a Chinese scalp shampoo-massage, go starfish hunting, have a terrifying fish massage, watch wild monkeys play up close, and eat magenta dragonfruit.

The reality is that most of our time is in the humdrum grind of daily life.  Don’t let our facebook page fool you (unless you’ve been following my posts about our lack of internet, which is yet another obstacle to blogging – we just never know when we will have connection) – we do dishes and pay bills and nag the kids to do homework and play outside.  Life is life, wherever you go.  But what a gift when someone comes to visit and you have an excuse to see what is around you in a new way!



One response to “Phosphorescent Zooplankton

  1. Marilyn Young

    Better be careful who you invite to come visit.  I just may take you up on it.  I am taking my grandson Zack to Ecuador on May 17 – May 28.  We are visiting a friend of ours and his wife.  They live in the Andes Mts at about 8,000 ft.  We plan to hike,. fish, see their zoo, tour the capitol, and explore life in Ecuador.See you on June 18 and 19.Marilyn

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