One year ago today, we met Mae Boon Ma

One year ago today, we were resting in Thailand between respite care in our various homes and a required visa trip to India (we had to be out of Malaysia for 90 days, specifically starting on September 2).  While in Chiang Mai, which is a lovely town in the north of Thailand, we had the opportunity to volunteer for a day at an elephant sanctuar

'We met this elephant for the 3rd time and she let us hug and scritch behind her ears for over a half hour.'


In the morning, every family group got to bathe/massage one elephant. Then the elephants went to play in the river.  We came across “our” elephant, Mae Boon Ma, after she enjoyed the river.  Mae Boon Ma has been at the Sanctuary since 1955; she was rescued from logging. Amazingly, in the 19080’s, Thailand outlawed logging, which has protected innumerable creatures, workers, and acres of wilderness.

At the end of our day, we were walking back to the vans, when who should appear but Mae Boon Ma and a group of mother/baby elephants.  Incredibly, she walked right up specifically to our family, put her trunk by Caedmon, and made it clear that she was waiting.  Our guide explained that this was very rare, for an elephant to let someone near its trunk so willingly.  Caedmon hugged her, and it was clear that this was not a chance encounter, but a real connection with an animal that is wise, kind, and has feelings.  It was a beautiful memory that we will carry, and it helps us to stand strong for care of God’s creation.


One response to “One year ago today, we met Mae Boon Ma

  1. Brought back wonderful memories of Jill and I in Thailand and our experience with the elephants. Ours was more commercial but loved the opportunity to see how smart they are.

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