25 days of Christmas songs Day #1

It’s December 1st!  Or 1st Disember, as they say here.  One of our family traditions is to collect Christmas music.  Our computer has almost 24 hours of holiday music.  Over the next few weeks I will share with you a song each day, and maybe a random reflection of what our Advent is looking like.

Today’s song is by Peter Mayer.  There are 2 Christian Peter Mayer singer-songwriters – this is the one from Minnesota.  (They’re both great!)  It’s from his album called Midwinter, filled with gorgeous song gems.  You can find the album by clicking here.

Watch him perform the song by clicking here!

Today’s big event was that I couldn’t get home from the boys’ school because of an accident.  Accidents here are remarkably rare, even though few people understand merging.  When there are accidents, they are usually bizarre.  Today I was going up a hill to the boys’ school, and there was what looked like one car giving another a jump – then I realized, no, that’s a head-on collision.  The cars were rumpled but it didn’t look too bad.  But how one car ended up perfectly lined up with another (and no police or tow truck in sight) … I have no idea.  Twice I’ve seen cars on their side, again with no ready explanation for how they got there.  Each time I’ve seen people standing by unhurt.  Which is good, because there is no phone number here to reach the nearest ambulance – you need to have memorized the 10-digit phone number for the company in that neighborhood (if you drive 6 kilometres to school, that’s 4 different ambulance phone numbers you should know).  Makes me appreciate the simplicity of 9-1-1!

As it turned out, I needed to stay at school for an hour to work on gathering donations for a garage sale (a rare event) at a local school for young adults with autism and other diseases.  By the time I went home, there was only a pile of glass and a puddle of… I think… petrol.  Making me glad to get past that mess!

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