Christmas Songs day #3: “I really Don’t hate Christmas”

Holidays in America tend to have gotten bigger over the years.  From Elf on the Shelf requirements to green footprints expected from kids on St. Patrick’s day, to toddler birthday parties that include – I kid you not – renting out a farm with petting zoo and a ride on a real Monster Truck for each kid (I didn’t let Dante go to that one. His backyard tie-dye party three weeks later wouldn’t have been up to snuff).

It doesn’t help that my birthday is December 22.  (My poor Mom – I was due around the 10th.)  So when we were first married I actually banned anything more than a Christmas banister, and when we had kids I suggested that we alternate – even number years, Christmas, and odd-number years, birthday.  Many moms liked the idea but advertisers didn’t.

But I’ve come around to it – I even allow glitter cards inside the apartment now.  In the end, this has become my Christmas season anthem.  Click to enjoy the cartoon for:

“I Really Don’t Hate Christmas”

Merry start to the season, my friends (unless your season started in October, in which  case you are probably ready for the video to distract you).

(In case you’re wondering, Christmas has gotten big here, mainly because businesses really like it.  The Christian side of things is pretty welcome, and most stores are playing a variety of secular and spiritual music.  My favorite so far was the grocery market playing the full album of Garth Brooks singing Christmas songs.  Thanks, Lintas Market!)

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