Christmas Song Day #5 Annie Lennox sings in French

Today’s song is Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant sung by Annie Lennox.  This link is to her whole album on Youtube.  Enjoy!

I listen to this song because the boys and I are learning French, and music is one of the greatest ways to absorb other languages.  At their international school, they are required to learn Bahasa Malaysia.  But they only learn a word or two each week, and our boys seem dead-set against remembering any of it.  As far as I can tell, they feel like learning BM will mean that A.) they will have to speak it here and they aren’t confident in it, and B.) they might be a little less connected to America if they know the language of a developing nation.  Strangely enough, though they refuse to speak it here, when we visit America, they love to speak the Bahasa that they do know.  Go figure.

Their school also requires learning either Mandarin Chinese or French.  Because Cade had enough trouble writing in English, we didn’t want to ask him to ask him to learn to write Chinese characters.  And DuoLingo is a free app that they enjoy using.  I am technically 24% fluent in French, but in reality, I can’t speak it at all.  I can, however, write such useful sentences as “My cat is eating butter” and “The elephant drinks tea.”

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