Our boys – Dante and Caedmon

We are blessed with two awesome boys, Dante (who is now 11) and Caedmon, who at 8 years old has lived in Malaysia for half of his life.  The boys go to Sayfol International School, where they are in Marigold House – it’s the British system that you might have read about in Harry Potter.


The view from the boys’ school. That’s the South China sea and islands of the marine park back there!

Dante is a big time reader – he devours books, especially the Hardy Boys and books with dragons.  He loves to study the ocean and aviation, and hopes to one day be an oceanographer with the Coast Guard and volunteer Search and Rescue pilot.  He cooks dinner for us every Thursday night, specializing in seasoning chicken different ways.  And, he is learning to play the drums!!!

Caedmon loves to move – his favorite activity is jumping on his trampoline.  Cade has sensory processing disorder and his body/mind connection under-registers sensory information.  That means he feels things less strongly than most people, which makes handwriting and schoolwork hard (imagine writing without feeling your fingertips!) but it also means he can ride the biggest and baddest roller coasters – hooray for G-forces!

The boys are part of Boys’ Brigade, where they share in weekly worship (led by the older boys, no adults up front), sports, drilling practice, plus camping trips and retreats.

The boys have travelled to Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, India, Singapore, Canada, and America.  They can speak English, some Bahasa Malaysia, and are learning French.


Last summer we got to travel around America, and the boys got to meet their 2-year-old cousin, Juli! Cousin Juli lives in L.A., and cousins Spencer and Maddy live in Maryland.  When we visit, they teach us new Minecraft tricks and get Grandma to buy lots of ice cream!


A lot of people tell us that we must be learning a lot from living this exciting life.  That’s probably true, but we don’t know of any other way to live, so it’s hard to compare.  Malaysia is amazing, America is amazing, having friends and family who love us no matter what is AMAZING!

Borneo Proboscis Monkey

At Lok Kawi Wildlife Preserve, the boys have an amazing encounter with a rare Proboscis Monkey

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