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Lent Photo-a-Day devotional

I invite you to join in.  Take a picture for yourself, or take a picture to share on Facebook page – Flung Forth Anew.  You can find my photos on my Facebook page or on

May you be blessed by open eyes and an open heart.

(To copy the picture, right click on it, choose “save as” and decide where on your computer you want to keep it.  That way you can refer back to it each day to find the daily word.)


Here is my picture for day 1 – “connection” – because connections can bring us energy.  But we also need to take care that others’ energy does not overrun us and fry our wires!



40 Days of Photos: Lenten challenge

40 Days of Photos: Lenten challenge (click to connect to our Facebook page)

If you’ve seen our Facebook page recently, you know that Wendolyn is sharing a Lenten discipline of capturing one image each day relating to a word given via  These are the words – come on over to Flung Forth Anew on facebook and share your images.  You can do this challenge with your camera, or simply by using your eyes during the day to watch for the word of the day.  It’s been a wonderful way to re-connect with things I see each day – but seeing them through new eyes.  Blessings and peace to you!


I’ve copied this image from – go see their inspiring site to get an original!

The Trozzo’s and SantaRina

Merry Christmas all!  We have been away from this blog for months – life was at a fever pitch – but we wanted to let you know that we are so thankful for our friends, family, followers, and all the people that we’re connected with.  Consider this a Christmas card from Malaysia!

Merry Christmas from Santa & his helpers in Malaysia!

Merry Christmas from Santa & his helpers in Malaysia!

You may ask about the details – yes, Santa is Malay and has big black plastic frame glasses (they’re all the rage here – it was almost impossible to buy glasses that *weren’t* black framed).  Cade has a reindeer on his nose and Dante is being Spiderman.  The two lovely young ladies are “SantaRina’s” … Christmas here is a pretty free-forming holiday.  This was the first and only time we’ve actually seen a live Santa (helper) here; in fact, we were the first to get our picture taken with him because no one else realized that’s what you do!

We send you all our love and pray for a blessed and peaceful Christmas for all of God’s beloved children and creation.

In keeping with the merry spirit – enjoy this link which will take you to a parody review of staying at a Bethlehem inn some 2000 years ago…